PHYS 213 - University Physics: Thermal Physics

Summer 2022

Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213A30275LEC21200 - 1315 MTWR  151 Loomis Laboratory Nick Abboud
Naomi C R Makins
Siddharth Mansingh
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213D030276DIS00800 - 0950 M W  1047 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Jordi Salinas San Martin
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213D130277DIS01000 - 1150 M W  1047 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Shreya Arya
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213D230278DIS01400 - 1550 M W  1047 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Andrew Liu
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213D339133DIS01600 - 1750 M W  1047 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Praveen Balaji
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213L130279LAB00800 - 0950 T R  64 Loomis Laboratory Kieran Loehr
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213L230280LAB01000 - 1150 T R  64 Loomis Laboratory Kannan Lu
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213L330281LAB01400 - 1550 T R  64 Loomis Laboratory Oleg Dubinkin
Univ Physics: Thermal PhysicsPHYS213L439135LAB01600 - 1750 T R  64 Loomis Laboratory Anthony Eugene Mirasola

Official Description

First and second laws of thermodynamics including kinetic theory of gases, heat capacity, heat engines, introduction to entropy and statistical mechanics, and introduction to application of free energy and Boltzmann factor. A calculus-based approach for majors in engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Course Information: Credit is not given for both PHYS 213 and PHYS 101. Prerequisite: PHYS 211; credit or concurrent registration in MATH 241. Class Schedule Information: For students in engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Exams are given in the evening (during fall and spring semesters). PHYS 213 meets only during part of the term; check the meeting dates. Register for a lecture (A) section, a discussion (D) section and a laboratory (L) section. Engineering students must obtain a dean's approval to drop this course after the second week of instruction.