PHYS 246 - An Introduction to Modern Computational Physics

Semesters Offered

Intro to Computational PhysicsPHYS246A73013OLC1600 - 1750 R    Bryan K Clark

Official Description

You will become a fearless code warrior, exploring the behaviors of systems that are too complicated for analytic characterization. You will calculate the trajectory of a relativistic starship and confirm an insight of Ramanujan, the "Man Who Knew Infinity." You will generate diagrams of spacetime curvature near black holes and confirm that General Relativity causes the non-Newtonian behavior of Mercury's orbit. You will calculate ? using simulated grains of sand. There will be chaos, Monte Carlo simulations, and adaptive numerical integrations. Course Information: Approved for Letter and S/U grading. Prerequisite: Physics 211. Corequisites: Math 231, Physics 212, and Physics 225. No prior programming experience is required. We welcome concurrent enrollment of high school students who meet the specified prerequisites.