PHYS 497 - Individual Study

Semesters Offered

Individual StudyPHYS497AA25617IND -    Aleksei Aksimentiev
Individual StudyPHYS497AB25574IND -    Alexey Bezryadin
Individual StudyPHYS497AJL25665IND -    Anthony J Leggett
Individual StudyPHYS497AMN25646IND -    Alan M Nathan
Individual StudyPHYS497AWH25680IND -    Alfred Wilhelm Hubler
Individual StudyPHYS497AXE25749IND -    Aida X El-Khadra
Individual StudyPHYS497BDW25626IND -    Benjamin D Wandelt
Individual StudyPHYS497BKC37880IND -    Bryan K Clark
Individual StudyPHYS497BL25649IND -    Benjamin Lev
Individual StudyPHYS497BLD25706IND -    Brian Leeds DeMarco
Individual StudyPHYS497CFG25572IND -    Charles Forbes Gammie
Individual StudyPHYS497CK39364IND -    Caroline Kathrin Riedl
Individual StudyPHYS497CPF25684IND -    Colin P Flynn
Individual StudyPHYS497DHB25763IND -    Douglas H Beck
Individual StudyPHYS497DJV25659IND -    Dale J Van Harlingen
Individual StudyPHYS497DMC25654IND -    David M Ceperley
Individual StudyPHYS497DME25602IND -    Deborah M Errede
Individual StudyPHYS497DWH25642IND -    David W Hertzog
Individual StudyPHYS497EG25678IND -    Enrico Gratton
Individual StudyPHYS497EHF25615IND -    Eduardo H Fradkin
Individual StudyPHYS497EVC25594IND -    Eugene V Colla
Individual StudyPHYS497FKL25724IND -    Frederick K Lamb
Individual StudyPHYS497GAB25605IND -    Gordon A Baym
Individual StudyPHYS497GDG25598IND -    George D Gollin
Individual StudyPHYS497GEG25670IND -    Gary E Gladding
Individual StudyPHYS497HA25604IND -    
Individual StudyPHYS497HES25583IND -     Edward Seidel
Individual StudyPHYS497IG25600IND -    Ido Golding
Individual StudyPHYS497IKR25609IND -    Ian K Robinson
Individual StudyPHYS497JCP25753IND -    Jen-Chieh Peng
Individual StudyPHYS497JDS25770IND -    John D Stack
Individual StudyPHYS497JEG25745IND -    Joseph E Greene
Individual StudyPHYS497JEW25666IND -    James E Wiss
Individual StudyPHYS497JJT25727IND -    Jon J Thaler
Individual StudyPHYS497JMG25689IND -    J Murray Gibson
Individual StudyPHYS497JNE25693IND -    James N Eckstein
Individual StudyPHYS497JS238527IND -    Jessie Shelton
Individual StudyPHYS497KAD25607IND -    Karin A Dahmen
Individual StudyPHYS497KSS25640IND -    Kenneth S Schweizer
Individual StudyPHYS497KTP25661IND -    Kevin T Pitts
Individual StudyPHYS497KYL25567IND -    
Individual StudyPHYS497LAT25768IND -    Laird A Thompson
Individual StudyPHYS497LHG25660IND -    Laura H Greene
Individual StudyPHYS497LIY36844IND -    Liang Yang
Individual StudyPHYS497LKW37731IND -    Lucas K. Wagner
Individual StudyPHYS497MAS25623IND -    Mats A Selen
Individual StudyPHYS497MBS25629IND -    Myron B Salamon
Individual StudyPHYS497MBW25719IND -    Michael B Weissman
Individual StudyPHYS497MGP25571IND -    Matthias Grosse Perdekamp
Individual StudyPHYS497MHN25756IND -    Munir H Nayfeh
Individual StudyPHYS497MN25737IND -    Mark Neubauer
Individual StudyPHYS497MS25668IND -    Michael Stone
Individual StudyPHYS497MVK25663IND -    Miles V Klein
Individual StudyPHYS497NCM25673IND -    Naomi C R Makins
Individual StudyPHYS497NDG25740IND -    Nigel D Goldenfeld
Individual StudyPHYS497NMA25662IND -    Nadya Mason
Individual StudyPHYS497PCL25656IND -    
Individual StudyPHYS497PGK25635IND -    Paul G Kwiat
Individual StudyPHYS497PMG25735IND -    Paul M Goldbart
Individual StudyPHYS497PP25731IND -    Philip W Phillips
Individual StudyPHYS497PS25587IND -    Paul R Selvin
Individual StudyPHYS497PTD25658IND -    Paul T Debevec
Individual StudyPHYS497PW25675IND -    Pierre Wiltzius
Individual StudyPHYS497RDY25686IND -    Robert D Young
Individual StudyPHYS497RGL25701IND -    Robert G Leigh
Individual StudyPHYS497RJH25710IND -    Roy J Holt
Individual StudyPHYS497RMC25721IND -    
Individual StudyPHYS497RMM25694IND -    Richard M Martin
Individual StudyPHYS497RWG25569IND -    Russell W Giannetta
Individual StudyPHYS497RYU39012IND -    Shinsei Ryu
Individual StudyPHYS497SAL25682IND -    Susan A Lamb
Individual StudyPHYS497SG25691IND -    Steve Granick
Individual StudyPHYS497SGB25632IND -    Stephen G Bishop
Individual StudyPHYS497SK25611IND -    Sheldon Katz
Individual StudyPHYS497SLC25652IND -    S Lance Cooper
Individual StudyPHYS497SLS25579IND -    Stuart L. Shapiro
Individual StudyPHYS497SME25713IND -    Steven Michael Errede
Individual StudyPHYS497SSW25620IND -    Scott S Willenbrock
Individual StudyPHYS497SV38494IND -    Smitha Vishveshwara
Individual StudyPHYS497TCC25759IND -    Tai-Chang Chiang
Individual StudyPHYS497TCM25580IND -    Telemachos Ch Mouschovias
Individual StudyPHYS497TJH25774IND -    Taekjip Ha
Individual StudyPHYS497TML25590IND -    Tony M Liss
Individual StudyPHYS497TRJ25772IND -    Thomas R Junk
Individual StudyPHYS497VM140055IND -    Vidya Madhavan
Individual StudyPHYS497VRP25596IND -    
Individual StudyPHYS497WDW25697IND -    
Individual StudyPHYS497YCC25742IND -    Yia-Chung Chang
Individual StudyPHYS497YO25671IND -    Yoshitsugu Oono
Individual StudyPHYS497YRC25664IND -    Yann Robert Chemla

Official Description

Individual study at an advanced level in a subject not covered by course offerings. Course Information: 1 to 4 undergraduate hours. 1 to 4 graduate hours. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Class Schedule Information: Before registering for this class, students must file a project outline.