Careers in Physics, Parts 1-10

Kevin Pitts

Over the past year, I've posted many times about potential career paths.  It might be hard for new readers to follow the older threads, so this post is an "index" of career posts.  Several of these posts came from guest bloggers.    Here is one example of the need for people trained in science.

Careers in Physics

Part I   Job skills  What skills do employers want that physics majors have?

Part II   Elective options  What are my curriculum choices for different career paths?

Part III  Law  Ever consider a career as an attorney?  Physics is a good path to the law.

Part IV  Salaries  How much can you expect to make with a physics degree?

Part V  Public service  Many scientists work for the government.

Part VI     the mysterious missing blog post

Part VII  Atmospheric science  Weather and climate are all physics.

Part VIII  Medical imaging  CT scans, MRI, PET scans, radiation therapy, all physics.

Part IX  Teaching physics.  We need more high school teachers!   More on this here.

Part X  Music  Acoustical engineering, architectural acoustics.


Other posts of interest:

Internships     A great way to get experience.

Career fairs.     Learn about what's available and market yourself.

Are there really jobs in physics?    Answer is yes.

Summer research here and here.   A different kind of internship.


I have many more to come, so this is by no means the end of the list.   We may never know what happened to the mysterious 6th post, but I will keep trying to update this post when I add more parts to this series.