Physically Speaking is Alive Again


“We begin this blog with an overview. A plan of what is to be presented”

While the people here at UIUC Physics department are capable of extraordinary feats, breathing life into objects that are dead remains an area outside the realm of current physics. Nevertheless, the Physics Student Advisory Board (PhySAB) has deemed it fit that Sarah Habib and I (Aymen) should attempt to breathe life into the Physics UIUC’s blog Physically Speaking.

The goal of the blog is to serve as a platform for discussions, and conversations which are relevant to UIUC Department of Physics, Loomis Laboratory or Physics in general and to provide an outlet where students, staff, and professors can express their opinions on issues relevant to us. Physically Speaking will be run in a similar vein as a community magazine and our hope is that the bulk of the written material would be coming from the community itself.

If you would like to contribute anything to the blog. Send your work at