Careers in Physics Part XIII: Billionaire

Kevin Pitts

Ok, the title is a bit facetious. It should probably be “Careers in Physics: Entrepreneurship”.  

If you’ve heard of PayPal, SpaceX or Tesla Motors, then you’ve heard of Elon Musk.   He has undergraduate degrees in physics and business.   His estimated net worth is about $9B.
This link has a very good interview with him. He talks about how his physics degree is relevant to what he does.    For example:
“Of necessity, physics had to develop a framework of thinking that would allow understanding counter-intuitive elements of reality. Something like quantum physics is not very intuitive, and in order to make progress, physics essentially evolved a framework of thinking that was very effective for coming to correct answers that are not obvious….if you are trying to break new ground and be really innovative, that’s where you have to apply first-principle thinking…”
We have students in our program who choose business or entrepreneurship as their elective option. Here’s hoping that we have the next Elon Musk on our hands.