MATH elective course for LAS & Engineering Physics


  • MATH 415—Linear Algebra (corequisite for PHYS 486)
  • MATH 417—Intro to Abstract Algebra
  • MATH 426—Honors Linear Algebra
  • MATH 453—Elementary Theory of Numbers

Discrete Mathematics

  • MATH 412—Graph Theory
  • MATH 413—Intro to Combinatorics
  • MATH 414—Mathematical Logic
  • MATH 482—Linear Programming


  • MATH 347—Fundamental Mathematics
  • MATH 348—Fundamental Mathematics-ACP (fulfills the Advance Composition requirement gen ed)
  • MATH 424—Honors Real Analysis
  • MATH 441—Differential Equations
  • MATH 442—Intro Partial Diff Equations
  • MATH 444—Elementary Real Analysis
  • MATH 446—Applied Complex Variables (strongly recommended for grad school in physics)
  • MATH 447—Real Variables
  • MATH 484—Nonlinear Programming
  • MATH 489—Differential Equations II


  • MATH 402—Non Euclidean Geometry
  • MATH 403—Euclidean Geometry
  • MATH 423—Differential Geometry
  • MATH 432—Set Theory and Topology
  • MATH 481—Vector and Tensor Analysis

Probability and Statistics

  • MATH 461—Probability Theory I
  • MATH 463—Statistics and Probability I

Numerical Methods

  • MATH 257—Numerical Methods (cross listed with CS 257)
  • MATH 450—Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 455—Numerical Methods for PDE’s
  • MATH 458—Numerical Linear Algebra
  • MATH 459—Numerical Approx and ODE’s