Physics Core Electives

Physics Core and Lab Electives

Our Physics Core Electives and Physics Lab Electives are designed for students to tailor their programs to fit their interests and goals. Students must take at least 6 hours from the Flexible Physics Core Electives  and at least 3 hours from the Physics Lab Electives.

Flexible Physics Core Electives

Choose at least two courses from the departmentally approved list below. The number of hours varies depending upon the courses chosen.  A minimum of 6 hours must be taken.

Course Title Hours
PHYS 246 Physics on the Silicon Prairie: An Introduction to Modern Computational Physics 2
PHYS 326 Classical Mechanics II 3
PHYS 370 Introduction to Quantum Information and Computing 3
PHYS 427 Thermal & Statistical Physics 4
PHYS 436 Electromagnetic Fields II 3
PHYS 446 Modern Computational Physics 3
PHYS 460 Condensed Matter Physics 4
PHYS 470 Subatomic Physics 4
PHYS 487 Quantum Physics II 4
Physics Lab Electives

Select one lab from the list below (Graduate Study Track students must select two labs). The number of hours varies depending upon the courses chosen.

Course Title Hours
PHYS 371 Project Design and Execution in a Physics Context 3
PHYS 401 Classical Physics Lab 3
PHYS 402 Light 4
PHYS 403 Modern Experimental Physics 5
PHYS 404 Electronic Circuits 5