Proficiency Exams

If you have taken any exam in a course, you forfeit your privilege to take the proficiency exam.  

An exam may be taken only once. 

Students enrolled in any advanced Physics course are not allowed to take any Physics proficiency exam.

Registration Fall 2022: 


Proficiency Exams are in person and will be offered on Wednesday August 24th and Thursday the 25th.

Registration Fall 2022: Registration for Fall 2022 proficiency exams is currently open until August 17th.  

Courses Available:  

The Department of Physics will be offering proficiency exams for the following courses for the Fall 2022 semester: PHYS 101, PHYS 102, PHYS 211, PHYS 212, PHYS 213, and PHYS 214.

Results:  Proficiency results will be made available to students and sent to students' colleges no later than two weeks after the exams are complete.


Grade:  The assigned grade is Pass or Fail. An 80% score is required to receive a passing grade.  Failures are not formally reported. 

Study information:  A course syllabus is available on the web at Click the course web site of the proficiency exam you wish to take. In order to prepare for the proficiency exam, we recommend looking through the lecture notes, taking any practice exams available, or purchasing the textbook for the course. 

Sign-up:  Go to, choose the class you'd like to take an exam in and click the 'Signup!' button.


Students who missed a final exam in a previous semester may register to make up the final exam when the proficiency exams are given.  

You must register to take a make-up final exam: 

When you register please indicate the semester in which you took the course.


Please direct all questions about proficiency exams to our Physics Undergraduate Office Queue with PROFICIENCY as the tag in your request, email the Physics Undergraduate Office at, or call them at (217) 333-4361

Include the proficiency exam you wish to take in your question. 

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