2019 REU Program Calendar

Mid Program Talks

Speaker REU Students
Date: 6/28/2019
Time: 8:30 a.m.

136 Loomis


Department of Physics

Contact: Patrick Snyder





REU Summer 2019

Mid-Program Talks

 Friday, June 28, 2019

Location:  464 Loomis

Instructions:  Your talk should last from 5-7 minutes with 2 minutes for questions.   Completing your talk within the prescribed time is important, so please practice your talk in advance to make sure you stay within the time allotment.    In order to have your presentation ready to project at the time of your talk, please send your powerpoint or pdf to Patrick Snyder (psnyder@illinois.edu) by 4pm on June 27.   Last minute modifications will not be accepted.

 Guidelines for your midprogram talks.   This is meant to be a snapshot of work in progress.  We do not expect you to present final results.   Include the following information in your talk:

  1. A clear description of your project and what you are trying to measure.
  2. The status of your project and what you’ve done so far.
  3. Your plan for the rest of the summer.

 For item #1, my best advice is to think about what it’s like to hear someone else talk about something you aren’t familiar with.  A clear, simple explanation that doesn’t get bogged down in details is usually most effective.  You can use visual aids and pictures to help explain what you are doing.  In general, the less you assume about audience knowledge of the subject, the better your talk will be.

 Please make sure that your advisor has seen your talk and goes over it with you before you submit it.

 Mid-program talks are open to the public.  Please make sure that your advisor and colleagues from your lab know about the time and location of your talk.  We will keep to the schedule, so they know when to come to see your talk.

To request disability-related accommodations for this event, please contact the person listed above, or the unit hosting the event.