2019 REU Program Calendar

REU Final Talks

Speaker REU Students
Date: 8/2/2019
Time: 8:30 a.m.

Department of Physics


2019 Physics REU

Final Talks

Date:           Thursday, August 2, 2019

Time:          9:00am

Place:          464 Loomis

The Final Talks are 12-minute presentations that describe the results of your summer research project.  You will have 2 minutes for questions.  Talks are scheduled every 15 minutes.

With an average time of 1-2 minutes per slide, you be prepared to use between 6 and 12 slides.  Use the workshop notes as a guide and any comments/suggestions from your mid-program talk to prepare your talk.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you give a few practice talks.  You will not be allowed to exceed the 12 minute time limit.

These talks should be completely self-contained.  Include motivation and techniques along with results.  Assume your audience is viewing this talk for the first time. 

A computer and LCD projector will be available for your presentation.  You will need to send an electronic version of your talk to Patrick by 5pm on August 2nd.  You can use your own laptop if you want, but any delays in getting set up count against your talk time.  

Your talk should cover the following items:

  • Your name, advising professor, and project title.
  • Clearly state the problem/project goals of your project
  • Outline the techniques/methods that will be used.
  • Show and explain samples of the data and results you have collected
  • Explain the work that needs to be completed on your project.

To request disability-related accommodations for this event, please contact the person listed above, or the unit hosting the event.