Physicists study, manipulate, and measure the fundamental interactions of matter, energy, space, and time to solve scientific mysteries, reveal the inner workings of nature, and expand our knowledge of the universe. Faculty members at Illinois Physics are probing the most timely and pressing questions of our age, working at the intersections of research disciplines where the prospects of new discoveries are greatest.

We are one of the foremost physics departments in the world, a tight-knit community of scientists who, in a small, neighborly Midwest city, are enjoying all the advantages a big research university provides. We offer extraordinary opportunities to our students in an environment that’s supportive of intellectual freedom and individual goals.

We take a holistic approach to training tomorrow’s great scientists. We provide expansive course offerings, exposure to leading-edge physics research methods and tools, training in technical and grant-proposal writing, and ongoing access to one-on-one counseling.

Our innovative approaches in teaching introductory physics are proven to yield better comprehension and satisfaction among undergraduate students. At the same time, our TA training program imparts to our graduate-student teaching assistants a firm grounding in best teaching practices as one important component of their professional development.