From the Department Head

Dale J. Van Harlingen
Department Head Dale Van Harlingen

Illinois Physics is known worldwide for our significant contributions to science, technology, and education. The creativity and energy of our faculty and students are remarkable, and our capacity to shape the course of physics research and to develop best physics teaching practices is immense. We believe we offer the best place in the world to learn physics and to do fundamental research.

We have enormously strong senior faculty who are highly recognized, and we have outstanding young faculty members who are expanding our efforts in strategic areas. This produces a dynamic environment wherein we can work on lots of interesting problems and build strong interactions between students and the faculty. In fact, among the greatest assets of our department is this culture of open collaboration and camaraderie. I believe it’s quite unique in such a large department.

We offer excellent resources and enormously good facilities for doing research, and our faculty are second to none in the world, but it’s really this culture of openly shared expertise across fundamental disciplines that allows us to do the highest level of research. We attack the biggest questions in physics from every angle. This uniquely interactive and supportive environment benefits our scholars at all levels—from our faculty and postdocs to our graduate students and our undergraduate students.

We are certainly proud of our history of great accomplishments, but more than that, we are intently focused on the excellent work we are doing now to achieve our trifold mission—education, research, and outreach.

We are looking for the brightest and most accomplished individuals to join our department. Explore our programs and get to know us—we just might be the right fit for you.