ICMT Seminar: "Duality and self-duality between unconventional quantum critical points: theory and numerics"

Speaker Cenke Xu, University of California, Santa Barbara
Date: 10/9/2017
Time: 12 p.m.

190 ESB


Institute for Condensed Matter Physics

Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

Recently significant progress has been made in (2+1)-dimensional quantum critical points. In particular, it was realized that different Lagrangians may be related by hidden dualities, i.e., seemingly different field theories may actually be identical in the infrared limit. Among all the proposed dualities, one group of dualities have attracted particular interest in the field of strongly-correlated systems, which includes a duality between the deconfined quantum-critical point separating a planar (XY) antiferromagnet and a dimerized (valence-bond solid) ground state, and the transition between a bosonic symmetry-protected topological phase and a trivial Mott insulator. Each of the transitions mentioned above is also "self-dual". This group of dualities can make powerful predictions for numerical test. In this talk we will review the theoretical aspects and numerical evidences for this group of dualities. We will also discuss an experimental platform that can potentially realize part of the physics in the theoretical framework.

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