High Energy Phenomenology Seminar: Jonathan Kozaczuk (UIUC) "Exploring new physics in the early Universe with gravitational waves"

Speaker Jonathan Kozaczuk (UIUC)
Date: 4/26/2019
Time: 12 p.m.
Location: 464 Loomis
Event Contact: Zech Gelzer
Sponsor: Department of Physics
Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

Gravitational waves (GWs) provide a window into the early Universe and a direct probe of the epoch prior to Big Bang nucleosynthesis, which is otherwise difficult to access. In this talk, I will discuss recent progress towards accurately predicting and detecting the stochastic gravitational wave background produced at first-order cosmological phase transitions involving physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM). I will present updated prospects for probing various BSM scenarios at the future space-based interferometer LISA and highlight recent progress towards a nonperturbative determination of the phase transition parameters entering the GW spectrum. I will also comment on other promising BSM sources of gravitational radiation and complementarity with collider searches.

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