Physics Careers Seminar: "Job Opportunities at Intel"

Speaker Intel Recruiters: Dr. Daniel Bergstrom, Dr. Stephan Klopcic, Dr. Britt Turkot, and Dr. Wing-Shun Lam
Date: 4/4/2017
Time: 11 a.m.

204 Loomis (Interaction Room)

Event Contact: Lance Cooper

Department of Physics

Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

Please join several Intel recruiters as they discuss job opportunities at Intel and how Intel needs smart PhDs.

Recruiter Bios:  Dr. Daniel Bergstrom is a Group Leader for metals deposition in Intel's Logic Technology Development Group. He has been with Intel since 1997 and has worked on advanced metallization technologies ranging from 0.18 micron Cu interconnect to gate fill and contact metals for today’s most advanced 3D Tri-gate transistors.   

Dr. Stephan Klopcic is a group leader and the hiring manager for Intel TD Lithography.  He joined Intel in 1999 and has developed spin coat and develop processes for photoresist and other materials and pattern resolution solutions for line/space, tap, and hole geometries in technologies from 0.28um through the current 10nm development effort.  

Dr. Britt Turkot is a group leader in Lithography at Intel TD and a graduate of The University of Illinois, Champaign.  She has been at Intel in Lithography for 20 years, and is responsible for next generation scanner technology development and Litho factory planning.  

Dr. Wing-Shun Lam is a group leader and the hiring manager for Intel TD Yield.  He joined Intel in 2003 and has driven the development of 355nm / 266nm DUV dark field optical inspection station with improving defect detection sensitivity and throughput from 90nm through the current 10nm development effort.

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