Astrophysics, Gravitation and Cosmology Seminar: "Mapping the Cosmos with the Dark Energy Survey"

Speaker Chihway Chang, University of Chicago
Date: 9/20/2017
Time: 12 p.m.

276 Loomis

Event Contact: Milton Ruiz

Department of Physics

Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

The first year data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES Y1) provides the most powerful optical survey dataset to date. In this talk I will first give an overall summary of the cosmology results from the DES Y1 dataset combining galaxy clustering and weak gravitational lensing. Next, I will describe our work in generating and testing the wide-field weak lensing mass maps from the galaxy shape measurements and some exciting applications for the maps. I will end with thoughts on how weak lensing could also inform us on various topics of galaxy formation, which is essential for completing the story behind the Universe we see today. 

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