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Shinsei Ryu, a University of Illinois assistant professor of physics, was named one of ten early-career scientists who are "on their way to widespread acclaim", in an article in Science News, an online publication of the Society for Science & the Public. In theoretical condensed matter physics, the systems can be so complex that the goal isn’t finding the right answers, Ryu says, “it’s asking the right questions.” Quantum applications such as computers rely on consistency — the same question should yield the same answer every time. But the quantum interactions between electrons are often unpredictable, so Ryu hunts for measurements that reliably return the same value again and again. He likens the systems to a doughnut shape. The curvature of the doughnut’s surface can change when external forces press in, but the number of holes in the doughnut stays the same. These kinds of robust properties will make accurate quantum computing possible, he says.

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Associate Professor Aleksei Aksimentiev and Assistant Professor Shinsei Ryu have each received the 2015 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research from the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. The two were recognized for their trailblazing research that represents significant contributions to their respective fields. They each received their awards at a College of Engineering faculty awards banquet on Monday, April 27, 2015.