PER @ Illinois High School
Partnership Program

Combining the talent, experience and enthusiasm of Illinois’ top high school science teachers with the research and content expertise of the University of Illinois to engage Illinois high school students with the highest quality physics experience.


We want to provide high school teachers the resources they need to offer their students with the best possible physics experience.  In the process, we are optimistic there will be secondary benefits including:

  • increased interest in students pursuing STEM degrees, including physics.
  • reduce barriers to entering University of Illinois to obtain degree.
  • improve diversity of students choosing and obtaining STEM degrees in general, and from U of I in particular.
  • understanding the aspects of high school physics programs that positively impact students’ interest and success in STEM in general and physics in particular.
  • understanding what role universities can play in supporting high school teachers in meeting the challenges of providing their students with these experiences.

Our primary goal is to ensure that the high school teachers (and their students) have a successful experience.  To ensure success, we will begin the program with a relatively small and committed group of teachers who will be critical in shaping the program so it is efficient and effective as the number of teachers in the program grows. We hope to accommodate rapid steady growth for the first five years, at which point the program will include both calculus-based (AP- Physics C), and algebra-based (AP Physics 1, 2) physics and will be available to teachers throughout the state.

If you would like more information, or are interested in being an early partner please send us your contact information via the following form: