Teacher Support

Partnership, Collaboration and Professional Development

True partnership takes advantage of everyone’s strengths and contributions. While we can provide expertise in the physics curriculum, it is the teachers' experience with their students in the classroom that will be essential for creating an effective learning environment. We see this program as an on-going partnership, with the activities improving iteratively.  We also envision the program starting small, and then growing as we gain expertise into the key elements for creating a successful experience. Our initial implementation will likely include: 

  •     teachers working through the curriculum. 
  •     initial in-person meeting hosted by U of I. 
  •     weekly on-line check-ins with U of I physics team. 
  •     monthly in-person regional meetings hosted by a teacher-participant's school. 
  •     continuous online curriculum support for teachers throughout the academic year. 

We realize that high-school physics teachers do not have 'extra' time available, so we will work to have these activities fall within professional development time or seek supplemental funding/compensation as necessary.