Partnership program

We appreciate our state's outstanding junior-high and high-school science and math teachers, who are laying the solid groundwork that young people need to succeed in STEM majors at the university level—and we're invested in your success. As one of the preeminent physics departments in the US, we rely on teachers like you to prepare the outstanding students we admit to our undergraduate programs.

We want to partner with you, to share with you our leading-edge teaching methods and curriculum and our proven physics demos, and to provide you with information about our special events, continuing ed opportunities, and high-school senior recruitment efforts.

The Illinois Physics Partnership Program for middle-school and high-school science and math teachers is brand new, and we could use your feedback to improve it. We hope you will partner with us and let us know how we can best support your mission.

Please register and tell us a little about what you do and what you would like to get from our partnership. Register at

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions or questions—we would love to hear from you.

Introductory Course Materials

The Department of Physics offers 6 high-enrollment introductory-level courses that serve thousands of U. of I. students. These include Mechanics & Heat (PHYS 101), Light, E & M, and Modern Physics (PHYS 102), Mechanics (PHYS 211), E & M and Optics (PHYS 212), Thermal Physics (PHYS 213) and Waves & Quantum Physics (PHYS 214).

The curriculum is available to be used in your classroom. Complete a short registration form at the link provided to download the materials.

Interactive Examples

Developed at the U. of I. by our nationally recognized Physics Education Research group, interactive examples are quantitative homework problems with a built-in help center, that comes in the form of more questions.

Parkland Pathway to Illinois

The Department of Physics participates in this University-wide program, which is designed to provide a pathway for students who start their college career at Parkland College and would like to finish it at the U. of I. Please consider sharing this information with your students—the Parkland Pathway can reduce the cost of pursuing a degree from the U. of I. and gives students to get general education requirements and department required prerequisites out of the way.

Additional Resources

  • Saturday Physics for Everyone: A lecture series held in Loomis Laboratory every other Saturday during the fall semester. Free and open to the public!
  • Science on the Market: On select Saturday mornings, U. of I. and other science experts will be on hand with science demonstrations to the Farmers Market at Lincoln Square mall in Urbana.
  • Ask the Van: This online Q and A site provides answers to any physics question under (or in or beyond) the Sun. More than 20 years ago, Ask the Van spun off of our highly popular elementary-school travelling science show, the Physics Van. Questions are answered by Illinois Physics faculty and students and reviewed by faculty prior to posting.
  • Fans of Illinois Physics: This email listserve is used only to send reminders of our public outreach events. Sign up to be a fan of Illinois Physics!