Toni V Pitts

Coordinator of Recruiting and Special Programs


Toni V Pitts
290X Loomis Laboratory


Toni Pitts is responsible for undergraduate recruiting and special programs. She is the primary coordinator for the Saturday Physics for Everyone program as well as the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics. She also runs the Department of Physics REU program, where a dozen students from other institutions come to Illinois for a 10 week summer research program.

On the recruiting side, Toni coordinates the departmental undergraduate recruiting efforts, including student visits, departmental mailings, student call bank and student/parent visit days. Her efforts have led to a 70% increase in physics enrollment in the last few years. Toni also coordinates with other programs such as the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering and Illini Summer Academies to bring high school students to the physics department to learn more about a future in physics.

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  • Accolades

Toni Pitts, coordinator of recruiting and special programs at Physics Illinois, has received the Leadership in Diversity Award from The Office of Diversity, Equity and Access at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This award recognizes exceptional dedication to and success in promoting diversity and inclusion via research, hiring practices, courses, programs and events.