Ranked as Excellent

Each semester, the University's Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning polls our toughest critics, the students who take Physics classes, asking them to assess the skills and effectiveness of their teachers. Only the very best make this list.

Abbamonte, PeterFaculty402
Chemla, Yann RobertFaculty211
Clark, Bryan KFaculty498
Colla, Eugene VFaculty403
Cooper, S LanceFaculty596
El-Khadra, Aida XFaculty213
Elliott, Celia MFaculty496
Gollin, George DFaculty298
Lorenz, VirginiaFaculty403
Shelton, JessieFaculty496
Stelzer, TimFaculty212
Abboud, NickTeaching Assistant213, 214
Baker, Carina FranziskaTeaching Assistant212
Bandak, DmytroTeaching Assistant212
Barragan Diaz, Angela MariaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Boyd, Christian MonteTeaching Assistant101
Chatterjee, PurbaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Claes, Jahan AdenTeaching Assistant487
Coleman, John PatrickTeaching Assistant100
Cote, Alexandra NTeaching Assistant211
Cowsert, Shane ThomasTeaching Assistant102
Doolittle, Brian DopkinsTeaching Assistant212
Dutta, SouvikTeaching Assistant211
Ehrlich, Gabriel SimonTeaching Assistant101
Engblom, Samuel WalterTeaching Assistant102
Evans, William RayTeaching Assistant102
Fliss, Jackson RichardTeaching Assistant213
Gaidau, CristianTeaching Assistant486
Gariepy, AllyciaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Goswami, ShubhangTeaching Assistant101
Gysbers, Daniel JohnTeaching Assistant212
Heitz, Robert STeaching Assistant213, 214
Hickl, Vincent Enno ThomasTeaching Assistant211
Howland, Porter BenjaminTeaching Assistant212
Isaac, Samantha DarleneTeaching Assistant102
Jia, WeizhenTeaching Assistant211
Johnson, Spencer JamesTeaching Assistant212
Johnson, Thomas ArthurTeaching Assistant212
Karydas, ManthosTeaching Assistant325
Kengle, Caitlin SophiaTeaching Assistant212
Khader, Mazin WoodrowTeaching Assistant213, 214
Khan, AbidTeaching Assistant101
Kochkov, DmitriiTeaching Assistant427
Lee, Jia GloriaTeaching Assistant486
Lennox, Amber Rose ElizabethTeaching Assistant211
Li, YaoTeaching Assistant213, 214
Liu, GengmingTeaching Assistant212
Ly, Kevin KimTeaching Assistant212
Lynch, MichaelTeaching Assistant213, 214
McKay, Robert Clark, IITeaching Assistant212
Mirasola, Anthony EugeneTeaching Assistant212
Munoz, Alexander ReedTeaching Assistant100
Nguyen, VivianaTeaching Assistant213, 214
O'Boyle, Michael FrancisTeaching Assistant212
Padavic Callaghan, KarmelaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Paladugu, SaiTeaching Assistant404
Passias, Vasilios KTeaching Assistant212
Pathak, Shivesh AnandaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Prather, BenTeaching Assistant325
Rak, MindyTeaching Assistant102
Rebei, AdnanTeaching Assistant212
Reig-I-Plessis, DalmauTeaching Assistant101
Rhyno, Brendan DouglasTeaching Assistant101
Salners, Tyler MichaelTeaching Assistant212
Sarkar, PreethaTeaching Assistant214
Sherer, Nicholas AlexeiTeaching Assistant211
Strekha, BenjaminTeaching Assistant212
Townsend, April MTeaching Assistant101
Troyer, Laura BethTeaching Assistant212
Vanacore, GarrettTeaching Assistant435
Velury, SaavanthTeaching Assistant225
Weiner, ZachTeaching Assistant436
Williams, Kiel TroyTeaching Assistant212
Xu, DongTeaching Assistant101
Zhang, ShuyiTeaching Assistant212