Ranked as Excellent

Each semester, the University's Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning polls our toughest critics, the students who take Physics classes, asking them to assess the skills and effectiveness of their teachers. Only the very best make this list.

Adshead, Peter JohnFaculty326
Chemla, Yann RobertFaculty427
Colla, Eugene VFaculty403
Cooper, S LanceFaculty596
DeMarco, Brian LeedsFaculty496
Elliott, Celia MFaculty496
Leigh, Robert GFaculty598
Lorenz, VirginiaFaculty403
Makins, Naomi C RFaculty325
Selen, Mats AFaculty211
Wagner, Lucas K.Faculty213
Willenbrock, Scott SFaculty435
Ansell, KatieTeaching Assistant211
Ascencio, Cesar OTeaching Assistant212
Bailey, Virginia RuthTeaching Assistant211
Banerjee, ArkaTeaching Assistant213
Baum, Claire MarieTeaching Assistant101
Bolan, Kathleen AnneTeaching Assistant101
Bowers, John WilsonTeaching Assistant211
Boyd, Christian MonteTeaching Assistant225
Busemeyer, Brian DavidTeaching Assistant213, 214
Cao, GotenTeaching Assistant212
Chen, Angela QuanlingTeaching Assistant213, 214
Choudhary, AdnanTeaching Assistant140
Claes, Jahan AdenTeaching Assistant212
Coleman, John PatrickTeaching Assistant100
Damasco, JeffTeaching Assistant102
Ehrlich, Gabriel SimonTeaching Assistant211
Evans, William RayTeaching Assistant101
Gaidau, CristianTeaching Assistant486
Garrido Menacho, Rita CeciliaTeaching Assistant213
Germany, ChadTeaching Assistant211
Ghita, Vlad BogdanTeaching Assistant404
Gloudemans, James MartinTeaching Assistant212
Gopalakrishnappa, ChandanaTeaching Assistant101
Gutmann, Brianne NicoleTeaching Assistant100
Han, BoTeaching Assistant436
Hart, Gregory RTeaching Assistant100
Hegde, Suraj ShankaranarayanaTeaching Assistant211
Hinnefeld, John HTeaching Assistant211
Kan, Carolyn Yun WaiTeaching Assistant211
Kaur, DavneetTeaching Assistant212
Khan, AsadTeaching Assistant211
Kim, Ji YoungTeaching Assistant211
Kish, Lazar LaszloTeaching Assistant212
Kochkov, DmitriiTeaching Assistant326
Kowalski, Nicholas EdwardTeaching Assistant213, 214
Lam, Albert Chun-YuanTeaching Assistant213
Leong, ZhidongTeaching Assistant211
Levy, RyanTeaching Assistant212
Long, Alan AndrewTeaching Assistant212
Lynch, MichaelTeaching Assistant212
McFaul, Louis William, IVTeaching Assistant213
Miller, Timothy CurtinTeaching Assistant211
Naibert, Tyler RTeaching Assistant211
Nakib, Mayisha ZebTeaching Assistant211
Neulinger, Thomas ErnestTeaching Assistant213, 214
Newton, Destry ATeaching Assistant212
Nguyen, VivianaTeaching Assistant212
Olivares Rodriguez, JorgeTeaching Assistant212
Padavic, KarmelaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Padhi, BikashTeaching Assistant213, 214
Pathak, Shivesh AnandaTeaching Assistant212
Prather, BenTeaching Assistant102
Quiroz, Matthew AnthonyTeaching Assistant225
Rebei, AdnanTeaching Assistant212
Rhyno, Brendan DouglasTeaching Assistant101
Rito, Thomas AndrewTeaching Assistant212
Schlax, Kenneth WTeaching Assistant211
Schubel, Mark DanielTeaching Assistant435
Scully, Timothy RTeaching Assistant212
Sohal, RamanjitTeaching Assistant212
Song, XiangyuTeaching Assistant211
Suresh Babu, SooryaTeaching Assistant213, 214
Thurston, Bryce AndrewTeaching Assistant212
Tuegel, ThomasTeaching Assistant212
Vanacore, GarrettTeaching Assistant427
Velury, SaavanthTeaching Assistant211
Villalonga Correa, BenjaminTeaching Assistant486
Weiner, ZachTeaching Assistant101
Yoritomo, John YukioTeaching Assistant211
Yu, XiongjieTeaching Assistant211
Zhang, MuxinTeaching Assistant212
Zhang, ShuyiTeaching Assistant213, 214
Zhou, TianciTeaching Assistant487