Undergraduate Awards

Each year, Physics Illinois recognizes student excellence at a special awards banquet. In 2018, the Thirty-Ninth Physics-on-the-Campus Luncheon was held at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center Ballroom on Tuesday, April 24. Many of the awards are made possible through the generous support of our alumni.

  • A.C. Anderson Undergraduate Research Scholar
    This award supports summer research projects of outstanding undergraduate physics majors. The award is named for Ansel C. Anderson, an alumnus (PhD, 1961), faculty member (1962-1992), and department head (1986-1992). A condensed matter experimentalist, Professor Anderson made seminal contributions to low-temperature physics, particularly on the thermal properties of metals and glasses.

  • Commonwealth Edison/Beryl Bristow Endowed Award
    This award recognizes outstanding freshman or sophomore women physics majors. It was established by Commonwealth Edison in memory of alumna Beryl Bristow, the first woman to earn a both a bachelor's and master's degree in physics from the University of Illinois.

  • Ernest M. Lyman Prize
    This award recognizes the outstanding graduating senior physics major and is named for Professor Ernest M. Lyman, a distinguished researcher and teacher who served on our faculty for 36 years.

  • Excellence in Physics Summer Research Award
    Award for exceptionally qualified rising juniors and seniors to undertake independent summer research under the supervision of a Department of Physics faculty member.

  • Jeremiah D. Sullivan Undergraduate Research Scholar
    The Jeremiah D. Sullivan Award for Undergraduate Research was established by family, friends, and colleagues of Jeremiah Sullivan, a Professor of Physics (1973-2006) and Department Head (2000-2006) at Illinois. Professor Sullivan's scientific career superbly integrated pioneering research in both theoretical high-energy physics and in arms control and international security.

  • Laura B. Eisenstein Award
    This award recognizes the year's outstanding woman Physics student. The award is named for Professor Laura B. Eisenstein, a distinguished biological physicist who served our department and the biological physics community with distinction from 1969 until her untimely death in 1985.  

  • Lewis C. Hack Scholarship
    This award was established by a gift from Lois E. Hack in memory of her husband, Lewis C. Hack. Both the Hacks devoted their lives to teaching math and science in the public schools.

  • Lorella M. Jones Summer Research Award
    This fellowship supports a summer research position for an outstanding Physics undergraduate student and is named for Professor Lorella M. Jones, a theoretical high energy physicist who served our Department with distinction from 1968 until her untimely death in 1995.

  • Richard K. Cook Scholarship
    This scholarship recognizes an undergraduate engineering physics student at the end of his or her sophomore and was established by alumnus Richard Cook (PhD, 1935), a specialist in ultrasonics and acoustics, who spent his entire scientific career at the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Science and Technology). 

  • Robert A. Stein Award
    This award was established in memory of alumnus Robert A. Stein (BS, 1955). Mr. Stein greatly valued the education in engineering physics he received at the University of Illinois, and his family and friends thought the best way to honor his memory was by providing similar opportunities to other students from the Chicago area.

  • Robert E. Hetrick Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award
    The award was established by alumnus W. Dale Compton (Ph.D, 1955) in honor of his first Illinois graduate student, Robert E. Hetrick (BS, 1963; MS, 1964; PhD, 1969). The award recognizes outstanding independent research by a senior undergraduate physics major.

  • Shell Foundation Undergraduate Research Scholar
    To support summer research positions for outstanding undergraduate physics majors, supported by the Shell Foundation.

  • Undergraduate Outreach Achievement Award
    To recognize the work of an outstanding undergraduate student involved in Physics Society and/or Physics Van.

  • Yee Seung Ng Award
    The Yee Seung Ng Award was established by family and friends in memory of Yee Seung Ng, BS, 74. This award recognizes an outstanding junior or senior international engineering physics student.