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Deadline: 6/16/2018
Young Scholars 2018 Applicants

phYSics Young Scholars program welcomes high school students from the Urbana-Champaign area to explore exciting careers in scientific research. The summer program will help these students better understand how we ask and answer questions in science. They will be embedded in research laboratories in the Physics, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering departments where they will shadow undergraduate or graduate student researchers during a six week program. The Young Scholars will also make measurements and analyze results as part of the work in their research group. The capstone activity will be a poster session at the end of the program where the high school students will present their work to their peers, research mentors, teachers and parents. The student researchers will also act as mentors for the high school students and will be trained in a mentoring workshop held prior to the main program. Special programming will be provided for the high school students, including discussions of college applications and financial aid, college life, poster preparation, as well as a range of research talks by the mentors.