PHYS 100 - Thinking About Physics

Semesters Offered

Thinking About PhysicsPHYS100A48977LEC21100 - 1150 F  158 Loomis Laboratory Morten Lundsgaard
Thinking About PhysicsPHYS100D154816DIS00900 - 0950 T  222 Loomis Laboratory Allycia Gariepy
Thinking About PhysicsPHYS100D254817DIS01000 - 1050 T  222 Loomis Laboratory Allycia Gariepy
Thinking About PhysicsPHYS100D358049DIS01100 - 1150 T  222 Loomis Laboratory Allycia Gariepy

Official Description

Conceptual and problem solving skills in preparation for PHYS 211. Part I (first eight weeks, 1 credit hour): analysis and mathematical descriptions of physical situations; understanding the meaning of the solutions. Part II (remainder of term, 2 credit hours for full term): development of problem solving skills and content from Part I. Course Information: Approval of the department is required to register. Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in MATH 220 or MATH 221.


2 hours


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