PHYS 214 - Univ Physics: Quantum Physics

Semesters Offered

Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214A30282LEC21200 - 1315 MTWR  141 Loomis Laboratory Sadri D Hassani
Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214D030283DIS00800 - 0950 M W  139 Loomis Laboratory Fikret Ali Ceyhan
Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214D130284DIS01000 - 1150 M W  139 Loomis Laboratory Ryan Levy
Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214D230302DIS01400 - 1550 M W  139 Loomis Laboratory Dmytro Bandak
Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214L130303LAB00800 - 0950 T R  236 Loomis Laboratory Luke Heng Yeo
Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214L230304LAB01000 - 1150 T R  236 Loomis Laboratory Simon Lin
Univ Physics: Quantum PhysicsPHYS214L330305LAB01400 - 1550 T R  236 Loomis Laboratory Gregory William Mattson

Official Description

Interference and diffraction, photons and matter waves, the Bohr atom, uncertainty principle, and wave mechanics. A calculus-based course for majors in engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Course Information: Credit is not given for both PHYS 214 and PHYS 102. Prerequisite: PHYS 212. Class Schedule Information: For students in engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Exams are given in the evening (during fall and spring semesters). PHYS 214 meets only during part of the term; check the meeting dates. Register for a lecture (A) section, a discussion (D) section and a laboratory (L) section. Engineering students must obtain a dean's approval to drop this course after the second week of instruction.


2 hours


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