Physics Program Tracks

In consultation with the academic advisor, each student will elect a set of technical or professional courses covering a cohesive body of knowledge. Each program track will add a minimum of twelve (12) hours to the physics core curriculum.

Students may select from a list of preapproved tracks or design a custom track subject to departmental approval. Physics courses used to satisfy the Flexible Physics Core Electives and Physics Lab Electives  may not be used to satisfy the track requirements, with the exception of the Graduate Study Track.

Astrophysics Track

Course Title Hours
ASTR 210 Introduction to Astrophysics 3
ASTR 404 Stellar Astrophysics 3
ASTR 350 The Big Bang, Black Holes, and the End of the Universe 3
    OR ASTR 406 Galaxies and the Universe 3
ASTR 405 Planetary Systems 3
ASTR 414 Astronomical Techniques 4
Total:   15-16 hours

Business Track

Course Title Hours
TE 100 Intro to Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship 1
TE 360 Lectures in Engineering Entrepreneurship 1
SE 400 Engineering Law 3
  Choose at least 8 hours from the following:  
TE 333 Creativity, Innovation, Vision 4
TE 461 Technology Entrepreneurship 3
TE 450 Startups: Inc, Fund, Contracts, IP 3
TE 466 High-Tech Venture Marketing 2
ENG 471 Seminar Energy & Sustain Engineering 1
IE 420 Financial Engineering 3
Total:   16 hours

Computational Physics Track

Course Title Hours
CS 173 Discrete Structures 3
    OR MATH 213 Basic Discrete Structures 3
CS 225 Data Structures 4
  Choose 3 classes from the following:  
CS 357 Numerical Methods I 3
CS 420 Parallel Programming: Sci & Engr 3
CS 418 Interactive Computer Graphics 3
CS 450 Numerical Analysis 3
PHYS 298 OWL Computational Physics 2
PHYS 498 CMP Computation in Physics 3
Total:   16 hours

Graduate Study Track

Course Title Hours
MATH 257 Linear Algebra with Computational Applications 3
PHYS 326 Classical Mechanics II 3
PHYS 436 Electromagnetic Fields II 3
PHYS 427 Thermal & Statistical Physics 4
PHYS 487 Quantum Mechanics II 4
  Choose 1 lab from the following (cannot count toward Flexible Physics Core):  
PHYS 401 Classical Physics Lab 3
PHYS 402 Light 4
PHYS 403 Modern Experimental Physics 5
PHYS 404 Electronic Circuits 5
Total:   24-26 hours

Nuclear Physics

Course Title Hours
PHYS 470 Subatomic Physics 4
NPRE 402 Nuclear Power Engineering 3
  Choose 2 classes from the following:  
NPRE 446

Radiation Interaction with Matter I

Note:  NPRE 446 is being phased out starting Fall 2022.  Students interested in the Nuclear Physics track are encouraged to take NPRE 445 instead of NPRE 446.

NPRE 435 Radiological Imaging 3
NPRE 441 Radiation Protection 4
Total:   13-14 hours

Student-Customized Tracks

Student-customized tracks are developed in consultation with the undergraduate academic advisor. Students interested in a customized track should discuss the options during their mandatory advising appointment(s). Customized tracks are subject to departmental approval.

Secondary Education, Pre-Med, or Pre-Law Tracks

Students interested in Secondary Education (high school), Pre-Med, or Pre-Law Tracks can find more information about these programs here.