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Illinois Physics graduate student Shraddha Agrawal wins runner-up in APS historical essay contest

Illinois Physics Research Professor Antonios Tsokaros among 12 new NCSA Fellows

"In-Person"—a Grainger Engineering podcast—features Illinois Physics' Maggie and Fahad Mahmood with host Daniel Inafuku

Research on one long-studied path to topological quantum computing raises new questions


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Donor support for COVID-19 research has had far-reaching benefits

Donor stories

Donor support for COVID-19 research has had far-reaching benefits

“We did not have the time to write external grants and could not rely on traditional and slow funding vehicles. Instead we are supported by philanthropic funds that enable us to use necessary supercomputer resources, which would otherwise not be accessible.” notes Swanlund Professor of Physics Nigel Goldenfeld.

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Give to the Engineering Visionary Scholarship.

EVS attracts the brightest students, ensures a diverse and talented class, and helps reduce student debt.

“The relief of financial burden this scholarship has lifted from my family’s shoulders is truly a priceless gift, and the generosity of donors that have made this possible inspires me to want to give others this same gift of relief, security, and most of all educational opportunity, as it has done for me.”

— Sara Shahid, Engineering Physics Class of '22, EVS Scholarship recipient

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Sara Shahid
Sara Shahid, Engineering Physics Class of '22

Illinois Physics Professor Gordon Baym received the 2021 APS Medal for Exceptional Achievement in Research. Here is a video with interviews of the exceptional scientists who were honored with Medals and Society Prizes this year. Watch Professor Baym's segment starting at 0:11:22.

This original creation explores physics through the performing arts. It is one part of a larger scope of physics-and-the-arts collaborations initiated by Illinois Physics Professor Smitha Vishveshwara.




I am working on my science fair project- I am freezing orange juice and soda to see which will freeze faster. My orange juice froze before the soda- is it because of the carbonate water in the soda or the sugar?

Molly (age 10)

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The Illinois Physics Van is a traveling science show for kids! Visit the Physics Van

Upcoming Events


Condensed Matter Journal Club: "What is important for quantum computing?"

Dmitry Manning-Coe

222 Loomis and via Zoom

1:00 PM


Astronomy Colloquium - "Our First 'Cloud-Scale' Survey of Molecular Gas in Galaxies"

Adam Leroy, OSU

Kaler Classroon, Astronomy Building

3:45 PM


IQUIST Seminar: "Quantum Machine-Learning for Complex Many-Body Systems," presented by Sabre Kais, Purdue University

Sabre Kais, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Purdue University

190 Engineering Sciences Building, 1101 W Springfield Ave, Urbana, IL 61801

11:00 AM

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Physics Colloquium: Deirdre Shoemaker (University of Texas at Austin), Title "Brave New World of Numerical Relativity"

Deirdre Shoemaker (University of Texas at Austin)

Loomis Lab 141 and via Zoom

4:00 PM


Physics Colloquium: Peter Armitage (Johns Hopkins University) Title: On Ising’s Model of Ferromagnetism

Peter Armitage (Johns Hopkins University)

Loomis Lab 141 and via Zoom

4:00 PM

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Physics Careers Seminar

Dr. Souvik Dutta, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Veritas Technologies

222 Loomis

12:00 PM


Physics Careers Seminar

Dr. Jeff Damasco, Thin Films Module Engineer, Intel Corp.

276 Loomis

11:00 AM


Physics Careers Seminar

Dr. Rezvan Shahoei, Senior Scientist, Applications Science at Schrodinger, Inc.


12:00 PM

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