PHYS 123

PHYS 123 - Physics Made Easy

Spring 2019

Physics Made EasyPHYS123A38535LEC31600 - 1650 R  151 Loomis Laboratory Aida X El-Khadra
Physics Made EasyPHYS123L1G39062LAB01100 - 1350 M  64 Loomis Laboratory Brianne Nicole Gutmann
Physics Made EasyPHYS123L1N38538LAB01400 - 1650 M  64 Loomis Laboratory Allycia Gariepy
Physics Made EasyPHYS123L2G39064LAB01100 - 1350 T  64 Loomis Laboratory Allycia Gariepy
Physics Made EasyPHYS123L2N39065LAB01400 - 1650 T  64 Loomis Laboratory Brianne Nicole Gutmann

Official Description

Inquiry-based, nonmathematical, hands-on study of physics for elementary school teachers. Coverage of most of the National Science Education K-4 Content Standards. Course Information: Additional fees may apply. See Class Schedule.