Professional Master's Degree Program

Help Us Define a New Program

The Illinois Department of Physics is designing a two-semester professional master’s program that will focus on instrumentation and applied physics. We will seek approval from the Faculty Senate after defining the curriculum with the help of industry partners.

Our program will be strongly project-based, with ten credit hours of laboratory work and field engineering closely supervised by university research faculty. Additional classroom work will introduce students to machine learning algorithms, graduate-level physics concepts, and basic principles of business and commerce.

We need your help. What should we teach our students?

Broad Training in Hard and Soft Skills

The Engineering Physics tradition at Illinois

  • We train our students to communicate clearly.
  • We teach our students to collaborate effectively.
  • We encourage intellectual fearlessness.
  • We introduce students to a wide range of laboratory tools spanning electrical and mechanical engineering, materials science, mathematics, coding, embedded systems design, 3D printing, CAD/CAM.
  • We teach students to conceive, propose, plan, perform, analyze, and report valid measurements.
  • We teach students to be skeptical of naïve interpretations of data.

Partner with us

  • The university’s mission includes workforce development.
  • The National Research Council has urged U.S. universities to substantially increase the annual number of master’s-level scientists entering the workforce.
  • Please help us understand your needs.

How to help

  • What skills would you want potential interns and prospective employees to have learned from our program?
  • Are there projects you would like our students to undertake, once the program is established, even if they haven’t (yet) established a relationship with you?
  • Would you consider joining our advisory board when it is time for us to organize one?
  • Would you consider sponsoring some of your bachelor’s level staff to enroll in our program?