REU Cohorts

2023 Cohort

Name University Research Project
Achintya Krishnan University of Wisconsin-Madison AGN Variability at Millimeter Wavelengths (Vieira)
Andrew Clarke Iowa State University A New LED-Based Calibration System for the ATLAS and CMS ZDC in the HL-LHC Era (Grosse Perdekamp)
Annette Kwasniewski Elmhurst University (IL) Characterization of a Laser-Based Broadband Terahertz Source (Filippini)
Dennis Mollinedo Gutierrez University of Hawai'i Maui College Molecular Dynamic Simulations of DNA Origami Virus Traps (Aksimentiev)
Eowyn Acres University of California, Santa Cruz Optimization of Protein Counting Methods for Degradosome (Kim)
Hana ElSayed The University of Toledo (OH) Plant Material Characterization for Bioenergy Applications (Snyder)
Joshua (Jay) Graves Morehouse College (GA) Investigating Quantum Secret Sharing Schemes (Chitambar)
Kaitlyn Prokup Carthage College (WI) Bias Away From GR Due to Missing Spin-Precession, Eccentricity, and Higher Modes in GR Waveform Models (Yunes)
Kendall Fletcher Sonoma State University (CA) High z Sources of Dusty Star Forming Galaxies (Vieira)
Leonardo Pena University of Texas at El Paso Searching for a QCD Critical Point at Finite Strangeness Densities using a Bayesian Analysis in a Holographic Model (Jaki Noronha-Hostler)
Melanie Huq Amherst College (MA) Probing Glassy Behaviour Determined by Transport in Antiferromagnet Fe1/3NbS2 (Mason)
Omri Raz King's College London High-Fidelity State Tomography for Enhanced Quantum Control (Pfaff)
Spencer Kirkman San Francisco State University (CA) Approximating KOH Etching (Kou)
Tegan (T) Thomas Washington University in St. Louis (MO) Exploring Modified Gravity Theories in Simulated Images of Supermassive Black Holes (Gammie)
Yashasvi Moon* Missouri State University South Pole Telescope Duty Cycle for Galactic Plane (Vieira)

* An international student

2022 Cohort

REU Student Cohort 2022
Name University Research Project
Abhishek Karve* University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Rydberg Atom Quantum Gates & Computational Phase Change of Random Max-Cut using QAOA (Covey)
Amanda Leveritt Parkland College (IL) sPHENIX Electromagnetic Calorimeter Block (Sickles)
Caitlin Kubina** St Mary’s College (MD) Rydberg Atom Quantum Gates & Computational Phase Change of Random Max-Cut using QAOA (Covey)
Chevy Cecil** San Joaquin Delta College (CA) Dynamics of Quantum Many-Body Systems (Vishveshwara)
David Wacaser McHenry County College (IL) Visualization Photon Polarization Tomography (Snyder)
Driss El Andlosy Parkland College (IL) Proteins into Human Cells (Gruebele)
Emily Dillingham Berea College (KY) Love Relations of Neutron Stars (Noronha-Hostler)
Emily Finson Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) Entanglement. in Topol. Sts., Pt. Grp. Symmetries (Hughes)
Erin Trost Roanoke College (VA) Non-Equilibrium and Disorder in Ferroelectrics (Colla) 
Ethan Lowder Illinois Wesleyan University Auto. Measurement Program for Fluxonium (A. Kuo)
Isaiah Alvarez Western Kentucky University Electrical Properties of Superconductors (Mason)
Luke Villarama California State University Los Angeles GUI - Brownian Diffusion in Bacterial Cells (Kim)
Lydon Bindal The Ohio State University Synthesizing Topological Metamaterials (Gadway)
Mandela Phillips Parkland College (IL) ZDC in a High Rad. Environment (Grosse Perdekamp)
Marshall Horton Parkland College (IL) Carbon Fiber Trusses for SPIDER and TIM (Filippini)
Michael Norlander** University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Dynamics of Quantum Many-Body Systems (Vishveshwara)
Talia Long Monmouth College (IL) DNA Replication in JCVI-Syn3A (Luthey-Schulten) 

* IIQURS student supported by IBM and NSF QLCI-HQAN (#2016136) and an international student

** IIQURS students supported by IBM and NSF QLCI-HQAN (#2016136)