Davis Award

Doug and Judy Davis
Doug and Judy Davis

The Davis Award, which was endowed by Doug and Judy Davis, recognizes members of our faculty for their excellent teaching in undergraduate physics.

Winners of the Davis Award

  • 2023: Katie Ansell

    “To Katie Ansell, for developing and refining a comprehensive set of design-based instructional laboratory exercises for the introductory course sequences.”

  • 2022: Morten Lundsgaard

    “To Morten Lundsgaard, for his outstanding contributions to teacher development in the Illinois Physics and Secondary Schools Partnership Program, IPASS.”

  • 2020: Erika Smith

    “To Erika Smith, for her contributions to the excellence of our introductory physics courses through developing and supporting innovative lecture demonstrations.”

  • 2018: Elaine Schulte

    “To Elaine Schulte, for improvements to the training of physics teaching assistants and for enhancements to the curricula for physics majors.”

  • 2017: George Gollin

    “To George Gollin, for his development and passionate teaching of an innovative course designed to introduce undergraduate majors to computational techniques in physics.”

  • 2015: Eugene Colla

    “To Eugene Colla, for his dedication to enhancing the experimental skills of undergraduate students and his significant contributions to the development of the Physics 401 and 403 advanced laboratory courses.”

  • 2014: Paul Kwiat

    “To Paul Kwiat, for for his significant contributions to the teaching of statistical physics and quantum mechanics to undergraduate students in physics and engineering.”

  • 2013: Celia M. Elliott

    “To Celia M. Elliott, for her contributions to excellence in undergraduate physics teaching and learning in the Department of Physics, in particular her seminal role in the development of the senior thesis program.”

  • 2012: Dennis Kane

    “To Dennis Kane, for his contribution to excellence of undergraduate physics teaching and learning in the Department of Physics within the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.”