Illinois Physics is ranked among the top 10 physics departments in the U.S. by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences. We are best known for our top-ranked condensed matter physics program, which has made transformative advances in materials research, NMR, conventional and unconventional superconductivity, mesoscopic systems, and quantum phenomena. But we also maintain internationally recognized programs in six other core research areas, within which we have broken new ground and pioneered new methods, tools, and approaches. In fact, many of our physicists work at the prolific intersections of our core research areas. Our highly collaborative and interdisciplinary “Urbana style” of physics uniquely positions us to take on and solve the most pressing problems facing society today.

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Jorge Leite Noronha, Jr
Jorge Leite Noronha, Jr
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor
437B Loomis Laboratory 


Irene Lira-Andsager
Irene Lira-Andsager
Co-Principal Investigator
Coordinator of Undergraduate Recruitment, Research, and Placement
290Q Loomis Laboratory