We offer four distinct degree programs in two colleges, and each one of them leads to a highly regarded, top-notch education. One-on-one student advising, offered every semester, helps our students to find the degree path that best fits individual aspirations, whether that's our highly ranked core program, engineering physics, a traditional science & letters curriculum, or a physics teaching concentration (which is a physics major with a minor in education).

Whatever degree program you select, please know that we do not distinguish among our students. We are one department—one academic family—and resources available to students in one program are available to students in the other programs, including resources offered through the two colleges.

We provide many opportunities for undergraduates to tackle independent, hands-on research, which is becoming increasingly important for admission to the nation's premier graduate programs. Undergraduates seeking research experience may enroll in two unique courses—PHYS 496 Introduction to Physics Research and PHYS 403 Modern Experimental Physics—that prepare students to become productive members of research groups. And we have an online Undergrad Research Readiness Portal (URRP), where students can seek out research opportunities, upload CVs, and apply to work with specific professors who have openings.

Undergraduate Admissions Contact

Merissa A Milton

Merissa A Milton
Senior Academic Advisor
290W Loomis Laboratory
(217) 244-9524

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