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2022/23 PhySAB President Sahaj Patel and Vice President
2022/23 PhySAB President Sahaj Patel and Vice President Aryan Vaidya

Physics Student Advisory Board (PHYSAB)

PhySAB represents the Physics student body and advises department administrators. The advisory board changes every year and has representatives for each class. Our projects include planning departmental town halls, physics research symposia, and more! 



Society for Underrepresented Physics Students (SUPS)

SUPS works to promote solidarity among and equity for marginalized students in physics at UIUC, with emphasis on undergraduates. We work to provide social spaces and community, offer networking with graduate students and professors, improve access to professional resources, and foster and spotlight underrepresented excellence in physics. Everyone is welcome!

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SWIP Officers Fall 2022
SWIP Officers Fall 2022


Society for Women In Physics (SWIP)

The goal of the Society for Women in Physics (SWIP) is to support women in physics and provide a social and professional network among the female students in the physics department. All majors and genders are welcome! 

Fall 2022 SWIP Officers

  • President Vedha Muvva
  • First Pet Moop
  • Vice President Kayleigh Excell
  • Secretary Abhinaya Sinha
  • Treasurer Spoorthi Nibhanupudi
  • Department Liaison Healey Kogan
  • Social Chair Morgan Anderson
  • Internal Affairs, Eleanor Allen

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2019-2020 Physics Van crew members
2019-2020 Physics Van crew members


Physics Van

The Physics Van travels to elementary schools in Champaign-Urbana, IL and towns in the surrounding area. We show kids that as long as you want to learn and have fun, there's a world of physics waiting to be discovered! 

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2017 - 2018 GPS members
2017 - 2018 GPS members


Guidance for Physics Students (GPS)

We are a student group dedicated to fostering a diverse, open, and scientifically-minded community within the graduate and undergraduate physics students at the University of Illinois. Among the activities we run to promote those goals are graduate-undergraduate mentoring, a yearly retreat, and periodic social activities. 

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