B. S. in CS + Physics

Bachelor of Science in CS + Physics

in The Grainger College of Engineering

The Illinois CS + Physics program blends physics and computer science to give students the skills to both develop and implement quantitative models of physical systems. This collaboration between Computer Science and Physics provides an innovative program for students who are interested in the intersection between computing and physics.  

Students in the CS + Physics program will develop mastery in areas ranging from numerical methods and machine learning to algorithms for computational science and quantum computing.   The program combines the domain expertise in Physics, including its computational aspects, with the broad-based expertise in computing from Computer Science.

Graduates from the program will be well-prepared for jobs in a multitude of areas, including computational physics and finance, quantum information sciences, and traditional programming jobs. Students will also have the capability to continue their education in graduate school in either computer science or physics.


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Degree Requirements

for the Bachelor of Science Degree in CS + Physics

In consultation with the academic advisor, each student will elect a set of technical courses broadening their knowledge of both Physics and Computer Science.

Curriculum Map

for the Bachelor of Science Degree in CS + Physics

Technical electives add a minimum of seventeen (17) hours to the core Physics and Computer Science combined curriculum for a total of 128 hours. 

Undergraduate Admissions Contact

Merissa A Milton

Merissa A Milton
Senior Academic Advisor
290W Loomis Laboratory
(217) 244-9524

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