A Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign lays an excellent foundation for a wide array of career opportunities. Whether your ultimate goal is to work in science, finance, technology, medicine, law, engineering, or science education, the analytical skills and training in fundamental science you gain at Illinois Physics will prove a great advantage to your success.

We offer a rigorous curriculum that is holistic in its approach to training the next generation of great scientists and professionals. As a student at Illinois Physics, you will

  • develop higher-order thinking competencies through individual and collaborative learning.
  • train alongside scientists at the leading edge of discovery and innovation.
  • experience our unique "Urbana style" of physics research, defined by its collegial spirit and open collaboration across areas of expertise.
  • benefit from the innovative and proven teaching methodologies and classroom tools, developed by our physicists for our students, and adopted by other programs worldwide.
  • improve your communication and technical writing skills.

Approximately half of our degree earners enter a graduate program in physics or another field immediately after graduation. The other half enter directly into professional careers in industry, government, teaching, and private organizations.

As you consider whether Illinois Physics is a good fit for you, you may also want to check out our core research areas and our professors' bio-pages, as well as our student organizations. Many of our students decide to conduct research as an undergraduate, please check out the faculty research pages to see available opportunities. 

Why Physics?

Bachelor of Science in Physics

in The Grainger College of Engineering

The Illinois Physics program provides you with outstanding opportunities to explore modern scientific mysteries. As a physics major at Illinois, you will develop a deep conceptual and mathematical understanding of the world. Our flexible program is designed to prepare you for a wide range of fulfilling careers or post-graduate paths.

Our curriculum provides a rigorous foundation in physics, mathematics, and laboratory technique. Your selected program track will allow you to fine-tune your individual program of study to suit your interests and career goals. Whether you plan to enter the private sector, become a teacher, or continue your education through graduate study, explore how the Illinois Physics Bachelor of Science in Physics can meet your goals.


Explore our program tracks and minor options

Program Tracks

for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics

Each student majoring in physics will elect a set of technical or professional courses from a list of preapproved tracks or design a custom track subject to departmental approval.

Minor in Physics

in The Grainger College of Engineering

The Minor in Physics goes beyond the introductory level to deepen your understanding of fundamental physical principles and enhance your analytical skills. 

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