Science is more than textbooks and lab coats. At its best, science is a process of discovery and a celebration of how the world around us works. Illinois Physics sponsors a variety of outreach programs that make science more accessible and exciting to young and old alike.

Some of our programs target specific ages. For example, the youngest school children benefit from direct observations of scientific principals in the Physics Van shows, whereas high-school students have the foundation to understand advanced concepts discussed at our Saturday Physics for Everyone lectures. Our Physics Education Research group offers excellent training and resources for teachers who want to learn how to teach hands-on science. Other programs are aimed at the community at large, including Science at the Market and Ask the Van (online Q&A), both of which give members of the public direct access to leading-edge scientists.

In these pages, you'll find our outreach efforts—involving faculty, staff, and students—reflect a fundamental commitment to improving scientific education in our local community and beyond. We encourage you to check us out!

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