PHYS 199 SS - Science and Society

Fall 2009

Science and SocietyPHYS199SS34889LBD11100 - 1220 F  132 Loomis Laboratory Scott Willenbrock

Official Description

Course Information: Approved for both letter and S/U grading. May be repeated.

Section Description

SCIENCE AND SOCIETY. 1 hour. Future politicians, business persons, lawyers, journalists, and other world leaders need to understand science in order to make the crucial decisions that will determine the future of our planet. This Discover Course, intended for non-science majors, will discuss in nontechnical language the science behind various sources of energy (oil, nuclear, solar), nuclear weapons, global warming, outer space, terrorism, and other topics of vital importance. First Year Discovery Program Course. Registration restricted to freshmen. Students should enroll in only one Discovery course.