PHYS 212

PHYS 212 - University Physics: Elec & Mag

Summer 2024

University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212A30264LEC41100 - 1150 MTWR  158 Loomis Laboratory Robert T Chamberlain
University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212D036519DIS00800 - 0950 M W  1043 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Alexander David Gray
University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212D130266DIS01200 - 1350 M W  144 Loomis Laboratory 
University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212D230268DIS01400 - 1550 M W  144 Loomis Laboratory Fikret Ali Ceyhan
University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212L130272LAB00800 - 0950 T R  4018 Campus Instructional Facility Tahereh Mozafarishamsi
University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212L230273LAB01200 - 1350 T R  4018 Campus Instructional Facility Surkhab Kaur
University Physics: Elec & MagPHYS212L330274LAB01400 - 1550 T R  4018 Campus Instructional Facility  Jiyoung Kim

Official Description

Coulomb's Law, electric fields, Gauss' Law, electric potential, capacitance, circuits, magnetic forces and fields, Ampere's law, induction, electromagnetic waves, polarization, and geometrical optics. A calculus-based approach for majors in engineering, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Course Information: Credit is not given for both PHYS 212 and PHYS 102. Prerequisite: PHYS 211; credit or concurrent registration in MATH 241. Class Schedule Information: For students in engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Exams are given in the evening (during fall and spring semesters). Register for a lecture (A) section, a discussion (D) section and a laboratory (L) section. Engineering students must obtain a dean's approval to drop this course after the second week of instruction.