PHYS 370 - Intro to Quant Info and Comp

Fall 2023

Intro to Quant Info and CompPHYS370A77225LEC31000 - 1120 M W  1047 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg Jacob P. Covey

Official Description

Introduction to quantum information and computing for sophomores, juniors and seniors from any major. Self-contained description of quantum states and qubits, operators, measurements, tensor products, density matrices, quantum gates and circuits, and quantum computing/simulation algorithms. One of the key points of departure from classical physics, quantum entanglement, is threaded throughout all these topics including a dedicated discussion of Bell's theorem. Students will apply these basic aspects of quantum mechanics to program online quantum computers (e.g., IBM cloud) to gain insight into canonical algorithms such as Deutsch-Jozsa, Shor, and/or Grover as well as standard protocols such as teleportation and entanglement swapping. Course Information: Prerequisite: PHYS 214.