PHYS 495

PHYS 495 - Where the Arts Meets Physics

Fall 2023

Where the Arts Meets PhysicsPHYS495A78394LCD30900 - 1140 M  1000 Siebel Center for Design Nicolas Yunes
Jessica L Raley

Official Description

Where Art Meets Physics is a project-based, cross-disciplinary course for students interested in both exposure to the frontiers of physics and experiences in the arts. Students will explore such physics topics while they actively participate in a broad range of artistic practices and expression. Students will explore the stunning creations that have emerged from synergies between the sciences and the arts. Identifying themes based on their exposure and interest, students will form interdisciplinary project teams. With collaboration and guidance from their instructors and across-campus experts, student projects will be taken from inception to completion. This process will include: Project design; independent study; team work; and dedicated assignments. The projects will be presented at a culminating event at the end of the semester. The event will be specific to each offering and may include activities such as physics-based museum exhibits and performance pieces. Course Information: 3 u