PHYS 503

PHYS 503 - Instrumentation Physics: Applications of Machine Learning

Fall 2023

ECE416ONL0 -    
Instrumentation Physics: AppliPHYS503ALAB0 -    Mark Neubauer
Instr Phys Appl Machine LearnPHYS503A78163LEC41300 - 1415 M W  262 Loomis Laboratory Mark Neubauer

Official Description

Designed to give students a solid foundation in machine learning applications to physics, positioning itself at the intersection of machine learning and data-intensive science. This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of analysis and interpretation of scientific data, and applications of machine learning to problems common in laboratory science such as classification and regression. There will be two 75-minute classes each week, split into discussions of core principles and hands-on exercises involving coding and data. There will be a few projects throughout semester that will build on the course material and utilize open source software and open data in physics and related fields. The list of topics will evolve, according to the interests of the class and instructors. Material will be clustered into units of varying duration, as indicated below. The lists of suggested readings and references are advisory; a large amount of material of excellent quality is now available