PHYS 552

PHYS 552 - Optical Spectroscopy

Fall 2011

Optical SpectroscopyPHYS552A52196LEC41100 - 1220 T R  144 Loomis Laboratory Robert M Clegg
Optical SpectroscopyPHYS552L152197LAB01300 - 1550 R  5106 Engineering Sciences Building Kai Wen Teng
Optical SpectroscopyPHYS552L252198LAB01700 - 1950 R  5106 Engineering Sciences Building John Paul Eichorst
Optical SpectroscopyPHYS552L355242LAB01700 - 1950 F  5106 Engineering Sciences Building John Paul Eichorst

Official Description

Theoretical and experimental fundamentals of optical spectroscopy. Light-matter interaction (absorption of UV, visible, IR), emission spectroscopy (fluorescence, Raman and light scattering), theoretical backgrounds of molecular electronic and vibrational transitions, modern experimental techniques, and data analysis of the optical spectroscopy experiments. Laboratory exercises applying spectroscopy to a broad spectrum of disciplines, including biophysical examples. Course Information: Prerequisite: PHYS 427 and PHYS 487.