PHYS 598 GFT - Geom of Field Thry and Strings

Fall 2008

Geom of Field Thry and StringsPHYS598GFT34943L141300 - 1420 T R  136 Loomis Laboratory  Rob Leigh

Official Description

Lecture course in topics of current interest. Several subjects are announced in each Class Schedule. Among them are semiconductor physics, magnetic resonance, surface physics, lattice dynamics, band theory of solids, crystal imperfections, nuclear structure, field theory, elementary particle physics, advanced statistical mechanics, plasma theory, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, group theory and applications. Course Information: Prerequisite: Determined for each offering; see Class Schedule.

Section Description

GEOMETRY OF FIELD THEORY AND STRINGS. An accessible and self-contained treatment of the mathematics underlying quantum field theory and string theory, designed to prepare students for research in these fields. Some prior knowledge of differential geometry and/or quantum field theory is desirable but not mandatory. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.