PHYS 523

PHYS 523 - Instrumentation and Applied Physics Project

Spring 2024

Instr Appl Phys ProjPHYS523A75670LEC41400 - 1650 T R  262 Loomis Laboratory George Gollin

Official Description

In this two-semester course students will engage in the collaborative design and execution of a year-long Instrumentation and measurement-intensive technical project. Required activities will include a written project proposal of work to be undertaken, informal group-generated oral presentations on technical issues, periodic formal written progress reports, a final project oral presentation, and a final project paper. The set of projects might include investigations suggested by industry partners. There will be two class meetings per week, each of three hours duration. In addition to the project work, we will bring in local experts to discuss a number of relevant topics with the class; these are shown in the syllabus, below. Note that readings will consist primarily of technical materials and documentation by the producers of components used by individual projects. As a result, readings and external materials will vary from group to group. Course Information: 4 graduate hours. No profe