PHYS 598 B

PHYS 598 B - Graduate Physics Orientation

Fall 2007

Graduate Physics OrientationPHYS598B34933L311030 - 1150 F  144 Loomis Laboratory John D Stack

Official Description

Lecture course in topics of current interest. Several subjects are announced in each Class Schedule. Among them are semiconductor physics, magnetic resonance, surface physics, lattice dynamics, band theory of solids, crystal imperfections, nuclear structure, field theory, elementary particle physics, advanced statistical mechanics, plasma theory, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, group theory and applications. Course Information: Prerequisite: Determined for each offering; see Class Schedule.

Section Description

GRADUATE PHYSICS ORIENTATION: RESEARCH AND TEACHING IN THE PHYSICS DEPARTMENT. PHYS 598B is required for all new physics graduate students. It includes advice on choosing a field of research and finding a research advisor. Current graduate students will relate their experiences and advice; faculty will present overviews on the major areas of research in the Department. Physics staff will explain our computing facilities, the physics and astronomy library, and other facilities. There will be general discussions on research and instructional topics as well as ethics in teaching and research.