PHYS 401 - Classical Physics Lab

Semesters Offered

Classical Physics LabPHYS401A32710OLC31530 - 1650 M    Jeffrey P Filippini
Classical Physics LabPHYS401L132704OLB01300 - 1650 T    Jordan J Sickle
Classical Physics LabPHYS401L232707OLB01300 - 1650 W    Sai Paladugu
Classical Physics LabPHYS401L332708OLB00800 - 1150 R    Albert Chun-Yuan Lam
Classical Physics LabPHYS401L460253OLB01300 - 1650 R     Jean Fu

Official Description

Experiments and techniques in classical mechanics and electromagnetism. Dynamics of electrical and mechanical oscillators in the linear domain. Fourier analysis of system response. Measurements of electrostatic fields, transmission lines, waves, and radiation. Electromagnetic phenomena in dielectrics, conductors, and magnetic materials. Instruction in data analysis and report writing. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: PHYS 325; credit or concurrent enrollment in PHYS 435 or ECE 329. Class Schedule Information: Register for the lecture and one of the laboratory sections.


3 hours


No required textbook