It's Time To Make Arrangements for Spring 2018 TA/RA Appointments!

Lance Cooper

It's time to start making TA and RA appointments for Spring 2018!

Please do the following by Friday, December 1:

1. First, talk with your research advisor (if you have one) about the source of your support for Spring 2018.

2. Next, use the following link to get to the TA/RA preference form for Spring 2018,, and indicate (i) whether you will be a TA or an RA and (ii) the appointment percentage you're requesting for Spring 2018. Note that a full TA or RA appointment is 50%. If you want a partial TA/RA appointment (e.g., 25% TA and 25% RA) or a 17% TA appointment in addition to a 50% RA appointment (to cover an additional course section), please indicate this at the top left of the form.

3. If you need to be a TA (i.e., you will NOT be supported by your advisor on an RA appointment), please indicate your course preferences, and fill out your available times during Spring 2018.  Please select as many two-hour blocks of time as possible, as this makes the difficult TA scheduling process a little easier. To the extent possible, I will make TA assignments on a first-come-first-served basis, so the earlier you get your preferences in, the more likely it will be that you'll get one of your top choices.

Please complete the TA/RA preference form as soon as possible, as I will start making TA appointments starting in late November. Again, if you're not sure if you need to be supported partially or fully by a TA appointment, please consult with your advisor as soon as possible.

We need your Spring 2018 support information no later than Friday, December 1, 2017. Please let me know ( if you have any questions about your Spring 2018 appointment options or TA preferences!